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America’s Planning Schools: ‘Incest is Best’ | Planetizen

Who Teaches Planning?
by Thomas Sanchez, Planetizen, January 14, 2013

Here’s the recipe for ‘group think’ in urban planning. Images are from the Planetizen article (link below).


What role does the background of planning faculty, and the institutions from which they earned their degrees, have on the training of future planners? Tom Sanchez examines the profile of the nation’s planning faculty to help advance this discussion.

Where Planning Faculty Come From
The top ten schools produced almost half (46%) of all planning faculty (out of approximately 850 total faculty)… The top 20 schools produced nearly two-thirds of all planning faculty (63%).

Social Network of Planning Academics
Because the top 10 schools that produce planning faculty represent nearly half of all planning faculty, they also have extensive reach across accredited planning programs.  These schools currently have faculty in nearly all (about 80) planning programs.  UC Berkeley, for instance, has faculty in nearly half of all accredited planning programs…

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Leaked Settlement Shows the Dirty Underbelly of NIMBYism | Planetizen

“I said go home! Get back on San Vicente, take it to the 10 then switch over to the 405 north and let it dump you out to Mulholland where you belong!” – Stewart, The Californians (SNL)

On the next episode of The Californians

Read the full article here: Leaked Settlement Shows the Dirty Underbelly of NIMBYism | Planetizen.

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